What is the Domain Name business all about?

So what is the domain name business all about? We’ve all heard the stories of how some have made millions by buying and selling domains. Sex.com got when last sold $11 million and beer.com was sold for a cool $7 million. No wonder why we can’t be somewhat interested in the Domain business. Unfortunately like you everyone wants to make their riches this way and hundreds of thousands of domains get bought everyday, all with the hope that they will be sold to the highest bidder. It’s pretty much impossible to buy any one word keyword and all the five letter domains went years ago. So what chance do you have of muscling your way through and striking gold?

In fact there is a lot of room for scope and more so if you are after South Africa’s own co.za. With just over 600,000 domain names registered in South Africa there is still a chance you can pick up a number of fairly desirable domain names and if you where into brokering you might find purchasing domain easy picking as many domain owners won’t know the real worth of their domains. Luckily it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to enter this game, thats if you only deal with new registrations. The dot com (.com), dot net (.net), dot org (.org) and dot info (.info) all retail around the $9 mark and can be bought from a whole host of providers. The co.za if bought directly from the co.za website can be bought for R50 a year.

When registering a co.za domain you will need to supply nameservers on your application form. Basically you will need to have some type of web hosting to point your domain at. If you have purchased domain hosting this information will be provided to you but if you cant wait to get your hands on your desired domain you can always register with sedo.com and get the nameservers they provide  for domain parking.






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