Earning money online by selling photos

A nice and easy way of making money online is by selling photos. These days’ digital cameras are cheap enough to buy and if you have a computer it makes your work even easier. All you have to do is plug your camera in and copy your photos over to your hard drive.

There are a number of ideas you could use for earning money online by selling photos. There are a number of stock websites that allow you to sell photos but always read through your terms and conditions to find out what type of rights you are giving away. As some might not allow you to sell to other websites while some options, but you will receive less money will allow you to sell to multiple sites. Stock websites often sell photos to webmasters and newspapers that are always on the lookout for photos to compliment their articles or stories. Even stories that wouldn’t normally warrant a photo gets a photo. If a story was being done on a local arrest of a youth a close up picture of hands in cuffs could suit that article quite well. Even when stocks and shares are discussed rarely can you find a picture that would suit but by simply having a photo of a man throwing money in the air or someone trying to steal his money away in a comical way can make the article or story much more readable and identifiable?

If a story was being done of house burglary and you had a photo of a thief pointing at you like Uncle Sam it would compliment a guideline article of what not to do when you are away for the holidays.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of stories and articles published every day and a large percentage of them need to have pictures, so if you can get photos taken of uncommon practices you might find your photos are under constant demand and find you are able to make some extra cash just by doing it online.

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