Pay Per Click!

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For ages webmasters used to have sites with affiliate banners on them, and wait patiently for a user to sign up to a service they had advertised on their site before they could receive their commission.

That was, at least until Google came around and made the job of a webmaster a little bit more interesting. They branded the pay per click idea worldwide and got advertisers to part with their cash by bidding on keywords that would be entered into their search engines, or by having sites that was relevant to that service. Cashing in on this innovation where webmasters, and would be webmasters, (well basically anyone who could buy a domain and grab a template).

Websites everywhere started showing up, aggressively marketing themselves just so that, a user would click on one of their adverts. Google only paid for the click and not a percentage of the sale, like the more traditional affiliate sites.

The same practice carries on till this day. Webmasters try and predict future trends by driving traffic to their sites in hope that users will click through on their adverts.

Having pay per click adverts on your site is as easy as signing up to a whole host of companies, Google being the most popular. Get your website accepted, and complete a payment method. Payment can vary from bank transfers to a cheque sent to you in your name.

Just note that under normal terms and conditions you would have to choose one advertiser for a site page, for providing pay per click adverts. So make sure before you sign up if you intend to have more than one on any given page.

Popular Pay per Click sites are:

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How SEO Helps In Maintaining A Good Online Reputation

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For sure you have heard how SEO helps a company generates more sales and of course income. Do you also know that SEO is one of the key of keeping a company’s online reputation either good or bad? Yes, it does. This is what online reputation management takes into the picture. SEO is used by experts to help a business’ website or name be all clean and free from negative issues that competitors, unsatisfied customers and skeptics are throwing out.


The following are just few out of the many ways on how SEO helps in maintaining a good online reputation:


  1. Proper SEO strategy can lead to boosting up of your website’s rankings on the different search engines.


The goal of SEO is to boost up a website’s page rank on various search engines. When your website is on the top, it also creates a good online reputation for your business at the same time. Imagine the effect of being on the number one spot of Google, Yahoo! and Bing all at the same. It creates this positive reputation for your website as well as your business all at the same time. That’s what we call good online reputation.


  1. SEO can help push down negative issues, comments or feedbacks that your competitors and other people are throwing at your business way down and get sandboxed.


If you are having problem with one single blog post or forum thread created to spread negative feedbacks about your business, you have to worry anymore. It is because with having the right combination of SEO techniques and methods a post or a thread can be sandboxed thus, leaving almost no trace of a negative feedback thrown at your business. In effect, you will be getting good online reputation at the same time.


  1. With SEO, no need to worry about your competitors doing their very best to put you down.

We all know that there are some competitors who want to play dirty when it comes to putting others down. You need not to worry about this matter instead you can even use SEO to stabilize or maintain your good online reputation while putting an eye on those tricky competitors online.


So, you see, with simply using various SEO methods and coming up with the right formula, having a good online reputation is simple. All it takes is to have someone to maintain your website especially when it comes to its online reputation. This is the only way to keep an eye on your spot and making sure your reputation is free from all negative publicity.

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7 Video Marketing Pitfalls that You Should Avoid

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There are some mistakes that common people make when they promote their product through video-sharing sites. This article will tell you about 7 common mistakes that you possibly make and need to avoid in your Youtube marketing campaign. Here they are.

1. Making your video a sales pitch

Youtube is a video-sharing sites when people are watching videos to get informed and have fun. Most of the time, commercial videos will not receive good response from Youtube viewers simply because it is not in alignment with the purpose of Youtube. If you want to create good response for your video, don’t make it looks like a sales pitch and blatant advertisement.

2. Upload and wait

Most people just upload their video and wait for it to get thousands upon thousands of viewers. This is another mistake that you should avoid. Without promoting your video to various platforms, you will not get the desired views for your video. Remember that Youtube is the place for millions of videos. You have very high competition here. So, if you just upload and wait, you will likely not get good number of viewers for your video.

3. Not including your website information

Make sure to insert a watermark of your website information in your video. Remember that some people will save your video to their hard drive and watch the video later. If you didn’t include a necessary website information in your video, you will lose some potential customers.

4. Not inserting your uniqueness to the video

Don’t just make any video that people will not find it interesting. You have to insert your uniqueness in your video. You don’t need to make your video special or perfect. You just need to present your video in a unique way that will make your video stands out from the crowd. Just look at those videos that have high number of viewers. They have some uniqueness in them that make them looks interesting.

5. Too long duration

People don’t have time to watch your long video, unless you present top secret information in your video. So, make sure that you video has reasonable duration. If you keep your video in between 5-10 minutes, you will make your video more attractive and interesting to watch. Too long duration in your video will only bore your viewers and make them to close your video page even before they finished watching the video.

6. Don’t incorporate SEO

SEO is important, even in video marketing. Your video title and description will be indexed by search engine. Most video-sharing sites have good reputation in the search engine, especially Youtube. So, it will help you so much if you incorporate a little SEO to your video title and description. Include some relevant keywords in your title and description.

7. Bad overall quality

Make an utter crap video and you will not get any viewers for your video. I’ve seen many bad quality videos that have less than 10 views. So, make sure to make a video that have good or decent quality. Before uploading your video, make sure that the audio is clear enough for the visitors to hear. Also, you have to make sure that the video quality is good enough for the visitors to see. Just don’t make an utter crap video and always watch your own video first before uploading it to Youtube.

Those are some video marketing mistakes that you need to avoid. The less mistake you make, the more successful your video will be.

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5 Ways to Build Internet Business with Article Marketing

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This guide is written for those newbie article marketers who are just starting out their article marketing campaign. I know how tempting article marketing is for you. You might already realize about the potential of article marketing in bringing you more targeted traffic to your website. That’s why this guide is very important for you. It will tell you about how you can profit with article marketing easily. Here are some beginner’s tips to profit from article marketing:

1. Niche website

Niche website can be very profitable for you. It will give you an opportunity to market a specific product for specific niche. You can profit from article marketing with niche site. First, you need to set up your niche website. This should be a simple website that offer specific information for a very narrow niche with a link to one specific product that you want to promote. Then, you can direct your traffic from article marketing to this niche site.

2. Adsense website

Earning some money with Adsense is a fun and easy way to profit from the internet. Article marketing is good to direct more visitors to your Adsense website. Once they’ve found your article and click the link to your Adsense website, you can expect some percentage of them to click on the advertisements displayed on your website. Although the earning might be small, if you have a good niche with high average CPC, you’ll easily earn decent money through Adsense.

3. URL forwarding to affiliate sales page

If you are too lazy to build a decent website to promote your affiliate product, then you can just buy one cheap domain name and forward that domain name directly to your affiliate link. When the visitors access your domain, they will be instantly redirected to your affiliate sales page and you can get some affiliate sales from them. To direct your visitors, article marketing will be a great way because it can help you to attract laser targeted traffic to your affiliate sales page.

4. Free blogs

You can also use article marketing to attract some free traffic to your free blogs such as Blogger blogs. In this way, if you’ve set up a good blog, you will receive more new visitors to your blog. It will result in more exposure and more revenue for you. You can put up some advertisements in your blog to make some profit from your effort. Another good way is to use Squidoo and Hubpages to add more profits to your pocket.

5. Promote your own product or service

If you are providing your own product or service on the internet, then article marketing method can bring you good customers and clients for your business. You don’t need to worry about the advertising cost because article marketing is a completely free advertising method on the internet. By directing your visitors to your product or service page, you will attract more customers and clients to your business.

Those are some easy tips about how you can profit from article marketing. If writing is what you like and you don’t want to spend expensive advertising cost when you first starting your internet business, then you can consider article marketing to be your reliable traffic building and advertising tool.

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7 Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Ads

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Placing ads on Facebook can be profitable for your internet business. By advertising your business through Facebook, you are opening a new possibility to attract different kind of customers to your business. However, because the nature of Facebook users, ads are often get very little clickthrough rate. Here are some tips to boost your Facebook ads clickthrough rate.

1. Narrow your demographic target

When you narrow your demographic target, you will get more people clicking your ad. The key is to make sure that your ad is relevant with your demographic target. Don’t show your ad to broad groups of people. In order to boost your ad clickthrough rate, you have to narrow your target audience. It is a more effective approach to get maximum response for your ad.

2. Make the picture stands out

This is one important element that will entice people to click on your ad. Make sure to prepare a catchy and nice picture that stands out from other ads. Make the picture looks interesting and you should get more attention for your ad. For example, you can show the face of attractive woman in your ad.

3. Short and straightforward title

When creating your ad, make sure the title is short and straightforward. Short and straightforward title will easily create curiosity for your ad and compel people to click on it. One short and catchy title is better than long title. Remember that the point is to create curiosity for your target audience.

4. Run several ads at the same time

It isn’t good to run one ad only. You have to run several ads at the same time to increase clickthrough rate for your overall ads. You can run an ad for one demographic target and run another ad for another demographic target. It will increase the clickthrough rate for your ads.

5. Create some fun in your ad

Remember that Facebook is the place to connect with your friends and network. It is often the place to have fun with your friends. So, don’t make your ad to convey a serious idea about something. Make your ad fun for the target audience to see. If you incorporate fun to your ad, you will be in harmony with the spirit of Facebook users. As a result, your ad will get more clicks.

6. Ask a question in your ad

Question is another method to make your ad stands out from the crowd. With question, your ad will get noticed because it can easily create a sense of curiosity for the people that see it. Short and simple question is preferable for your Facebook ad. It will add some good clickthrough rate for your existing ad.

7. Split test your ad

Split testing is always an important part of PPC campaign. You have to split test your Facebook ads and see which ad gets the maximum response from the Facebook users. Keep split testing your ads and find better response for your ads. Keep tweaking your title, picture, and description for your ad to make sure it gives you maximum performance.

Make sure to follow those tips in order to make your Facebook ads more attractive for your demographic target.

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7 Preselling Techniques to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion

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Presell page is important to increase the conversion for the product that you promote. Crafting a good and successful presell page will help you to bring more visitors to your product sales page. The more visitors you can bring to your product sales page, the more profit you will make. So, crafting a good presell page is important if you want to make your marketing campaign successful. Here are some preselling techniques you can use to increase your landing page conversion:

1. Don’t go straight to product promotion

This is one rule that you must adhere. You shouldn’t go straight to promote your product in the first paragraph. In fact, preselling is not about promoting your product to your audience. It is about creating a strong bond between your product and your audience. Make sure that you don’t apply any promotion method in your presell page.

2. Provide information first

To maximize conversion rate in your presell page, make sure to provide a useful information first for your visitors. This information should be easy to do and give your visitors motivation to solve some part of their problem. If you can provide this kind of information, you can easily build trust.

3. Persuade your readers

A successful presell page should be able to persuade your readers to do what you want them to do. In this way, you should say to your readers words that can motivate them and persuade them to solve their problem. Please note that the words that you write on your presell page should be able to motivate your readers and persuade them to do what you want them to do.

4. Play with your reader’s emotion

Emotion is a powerful tool for you to make your visitors buy your product. If you are able to trigger some emotions that will make your visitors wanting to solve their problem, you will be able to guide them to your product page easily. Make sure that you can trigger some emotions in your readers and make them want to follow your solution.

5. Make them curious

Curiosity can lead your visitors to buy your product, if you do this carefully. Using questions and clues will make them curious about your solution. This is the main thing that you will do in your presell page. You will make your readers curious about your offer and eventually want to visit your product page with readiness to buy whatever you offer them.

6. Show that you really love and trust the product

In your presell page, you should really give your trust and love to the product that yo promote. You don’t need to do this obviously, but you can do this subtly throughout your presell page. This will increase your conversion and success rate. If you show them that you really love the product that you promote, they will trust you more.

7. Use unique conversation

Don’t use rigid conversation and complicated language when you write your presell page. Make sure to use the conversational style as you would do when you converse with your readers directly. Use your unique communication style and make sure that you don’t copy how other people are talking. Just use your unique style and see how much of your readers will love you more.

Use those techniques when you write your presell or landing page. They will help you to bring more buyers to your offer.

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Online Reputation Management – How You Can Save Money on Advertisement

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If you are into a business, there is one goal in mind that is to earn more profits and minimize expenses at all costs. But how you can maximize profits if you do not advertise, right? The key here is to be very creative on how to advertise your business without spending thousands of dollars monthly to do so. Is this possible? Yes, it is by simply hiring an expert to maintain good reputation for your business. Along the way of keeping your reputation all clean, it can serve as a good platform for advertisement too. The links being generated, articles posted to different article directories, bookmarking, doing some social networking status, etc. are part of SEO which are used in online reputation management. Of you take a look closely, that’s free advertisement for your business.

How can you save money on advertisement with online reputation management?

First, you are hitting three things in acquiring one service. With online reputation management, boosting up your rankings on the different search engines would be imminent. Second, it serves as a good advertisement for your business. Third, it helps you keep a positive online reputation. With these three, you are already saving loads of cash here. Instead of paying separately for SEO services and another payment for advertisement, you can simply pay for one service provider who will do online reputation management for you. Do the math; you will see how many thousands of dollars you are saving every single month.

Second, instead of paying different modes of advertisement such as the radio, print media, TV and online, you will be paying for one mode only and that is online advertisement. Therefore, no need to pay thousands of dollars on having a billboard posted or a center-fold of a magazine or newspaper, all it takes is a simple online reputation management service. With one single service, you are targeting millions of your target audience nationwide and even worldwide.

Third, you will be saving time and money of communicating to one provider and that is the person sole responsible for online reputation management for your company. Therefore, your time is spent wisely on more productive things than following up on each of the provider for advertisement, SEO, etc. It is but one email and get all the benefits of online reputation management service.

For sure, by now, you already know that you do save money on advertisement by simply hiring someone to do online reputation management for your business. When it comes to cost efficiency and quality results nothing beats having it done by one expert maintaining and doing everything in his knowledge to keep up a good reputation for your website and business.

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Learn The Basics Of Online Reputation Management

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Having a good reputation online has been the goal of most businessmen. However, this is very difficult to achieve since you do not hold other people’s minds and bodies. They can think whatever they want and post their testimonies or point of views about your business or website. Whether some do like how you handle business while some do have complaints, if you got proper online reputation management you are good to go.

Here are the basics when it comes to online reputation management:

a. Be sure to hire an expert to maintain your reputation for the years to come.

The algorithm that search engines used keep on changing. There are some methods or techniques that still work while some might be outdated. Therefore, it is highly important that you get someone to maintain your website or business online reputation for years to come. Is it worth the investment? Definitely is, imagine the amount of money you are going to lose if one strange guy posts a negative comment about your business. You could have put a stop or eliminate such negative publicity to come through if you have someone to monitor your reputation online.

b. Gaining results take time.

Just like being on the number one spot of Google, it takes months and even years to be on there. As for online reputation management, it does take time for a negative feedback to disappear or get sandboxed or for your website to achieve high page rankings. Thus, you need to be patient and not rush things. The results are definitely worth the wait.

c. One negative comment, feedback or issue can ruin everything for you but does not end your business.

This should be what you always put to mind, “a single negative feedback can end your business”. With online reputation management, even if there has been lots of negative feedback swirling around on the net, there will still be a remedy to it – online reputation management. You need not to worry about a thing! An expert can get all the negative publicity sandboxed in no time.

d. Be cautious with people you are dealing with online.

Rule of thumb when it comes to online transactions, whether you are hiring a freelancer, a company, buying raw materials from your suppliers or selling products to various customers – you need to be very cautious. Make sure that all your dealings run smoothly and all clean. There must be no room for the other person to give you reason to spread negative feedback about you and your company. However, if this can not be avoided due to other circumstances, be sure you got the right person who can perform good online reputation management for you.

The above-mentioned basics will help you understand how important online reputation management is and its effects to your business as of today and in the future.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Online Reputation Management Service Provider

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If you are the type of person who wants to maintain a good reputation online, then you should hire someone to maintain such reputation you hold so dear. With the various services offered online and the number of people who offer variety of services, the challenge here now is how to choose the best provider. Worry no more! In this article, you will soon know tips when picking the right service provider.

The following are tips when choosing the best online reputation management service provider.

Choose an expert, not a newbie.

The problem with some entrepreneurs or businessmen is that they want to save money on hiring a newbie to do a delicate job such as maintaining a good reputation for a business. For other jobs like doing clerical work or routinary work, a newbie can be hired but for online reputation management, it should not be the case. One mistake can ruin everything! Be sure to hire an expert, who knows what he is talking and doing.

Check out the portfolio.

A person can claim that he is an expert on this and that but if it is not backed up with a good proof, then he is nobody. Do not just believe what a person claims himself to be. Be sure that you do check out his portfolio and critic whether he is really good or not.

Do background check about the person’s reputation online.

You are turning over the reputation of your business to a total stranger. Therefore, it is very important that you will do a thorough background check on his reputation online. Check whether he is a scammer or he is totally honest and good at what he is doing. In this way, you will not regret hiring him. The last thing that you want to happen is that the same person whom you hired will turn his back on you and be the very reason why your business meets its doom.

Pay the industry’s price for getting hold of such service.

Just because you are hiring an expert it does not mean that you do need to pay over the top professional fee for such service. You must do a search on how much is the average fee for hiring an expert to do an online reputation management. Getting ripped off online is common but if you become a victim, it is definitely your fault. Be vigilant. Make sure you know how much would it cost you and what you expect the person would deliver in terms of results, etc.

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Brief Introduction To Online Reputation Management

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With the advent of modern technology and people wanting to get information fast, there will always be this competition of getting there like the speed of a lightning. However, in the virtual or Internet world, the person who can get there fast requires more help from an average school geek.

Remember, it is quite easy for a stranger or an enemy to scatter around negative publicity without you knowing it. All it takes is a matter of seconds to do it. Viola! When you wake up, you will be shock to know that your reputation has gone down and your business is totally affected.

Maintaining a good online reputation is the key here in order not to hamper the total sales revenue you are getting monthly and eventually lose everything if you are not careful.

Online Reputation Management – What Is It?

Online reputation management is the process of combining different methods or strategies of keeping a business’ name good and free from negative publicity. The good thing with this is that whether your business has been the center of negative publicity, it can still be remedied through hiring the right people to clean the mess up.

As to how much would it cost you? Well, this would be another story.

How To Maintain Of A Good Online Reputation?

There are different ways on how to maintain a good online reputation; you can do it on your own. This could eventually save you money every month. Or hire an expert to maintain a good reputation for your business. This is kind of costly but it pays you back big time in the future.

Basically, whether you do it on your own or hire someone, the principle here is to use effective SEO techniques and methods in order to come up with a better SEO strategy for your business to remain be where it is right now – free from controversies and negative issues.

Is It Advisable To Hire a Third Person To Maintain An Online Reputation?

Now that you know that you can maintain your online reputation by your ownself or hire someone to do it for you, it is highly advisable to hire a third party. Why? It is because only an expert who can perform proper online reputation management and you do not have to worry about a single mistake of doing it on your own. Remember, one single mistake of performing a method or technique for online reputation management might lead to losing your entire business in the future.

You have to very picky about choosing the right person to do the job. You do not want to end up having the same person putting you down in the future. Go get someone who is honest enough to do his job properly without any other inhibitions.

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