7 Video Marketing Pitfalls that You Should Avoid

There are some mistakes that common people make when they promote their product through video-sharing sites. This article will tell you about 7 common mistakes that you possibly make and need to avoid in your Youtube marketing campaign. Here they are.

1. Making your video a sales pitch

Youtube is a video-sharing sites when people are watching videos to get informed and have fun. Most of the time, commercial videos will not receive good response from Youtube viewers simply because it is not in alignment with the purpose of Youtube. If you want to create good response for your video, don’t make it looks like a sales pitch and blatant advertisement.

2. Upload and wait

Most people just upload their video and wait for it to get thousands upon thousands of viewers. This is another mistake that you should avoid. Without promoting your video to various platforms, you will not get the desired views for your video. Remember that Youtube is the place for millions of videos. You have very high competition here. So, if you just upload and wait, you will likely not get good number of viewers for your video.

3. Not including your website information

Make sure to insert a watermark of your website information in your video. Remember that some people will save your video to their hard drive and watch the video later. If you didn’t include a necessary website information in your video, you will lose some potential customers.

4. Not inserting your uniqueness to the video

Don’t just make any video that people will not find it interesting. You have to insert your uniqueness in your video. You don’t need to make your video special or perfect. You just need to present your video in a unique way that will make your video stands out from the crowd. Just look at those videos that have high number of viewers. They have some uniqueness in them that make them looks interesting.

5. Too long duration

People don’t have time to watch your long video, unless you present top secret information in your video. So, make sure that you video has reasonable duration. If you keep your video in between 5-10 minutes, you will make your video more attractive and interesting to watch. Too long duration in your video will only bore your viewers and make them to close your video page even before they finished watching the video.

6. Don’t incorporate SEO

SEO is important, even in video marketing. Your video title and description will be indexed by search engine. Most video-sharing sites have good reputation in the search engine, especially Youtube. So, it will help you so much if you incorporate a little SEO to your video title and description. Include some relevant keywords in your title and description.

7. Bad overall quality

Make an utter crap video and you will not get any viewers for your video. I’ve seen many bad quality videos that have less than 10 views. So, make sure to make a video that have good or decent quality. Before uploading your video, make sure that the audio is clear enough for the visitors to hear. Also, you have to make sure that the video quality is good enough for the visitors to see. Just don’t make an utter crap video and always watch your own video first before uploading it to Youtube.

Those are some video marketing mistakes that you need to avoid. The less mistake you make, the more successful your video will be.






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