7 Tips to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Ads

Placing ads on Facebook can be profitable for your internet business. By advertising your business through Facebook, you are opening a new possibility to attract different kind of customers to your business. However, because the nature of Facebook users, ads are often get very little clickthrough rate. Here are some tips to boost your Facebook ads clickthrough rate.

1. Narrow your demographic target

When you narrow your demographic target, you will get more people clicking your ad. The key is to make sure that your ad is relevant with your demographic target. Don’t show your ad to broad groups of people. In order to boost your ad clickthrough rate, you have to narrow your target audience. It is a more effective approach to get maximum response for your ad.

2. Make the picture stands out

This is one important element that will entice people to click on your ad. Make sure to prepare a catchy and nice picture that stands out from other ads. Make the picture looks interesting and you should get more attention for your ad. For example, you can show the face of attractive woman in your ad.

3. Short and straightforward title

When creating your ad, make sure the title is short and straightforward. Short and straightforward title will easily create curiosity for your ad and compel people to click on it. One short and catchy title is better than long title. Remember that the point is to create curiosity for your target audience.

4. Run several ads at the same time

It isn’t good to run one ad only. You have to run several ads at the same time to increase clickthrough rate for your overall ads. You can run an ad for one demographic target and run another ad for another demographic target. It will increase the clickthrough rate for your ads.

5. Create some fun in your ad

Remember that Facebook is the place to connect with your friends and network. It is often the place to have fun with your friends. So, don’t make your ad to convey a serious idea about something. Make your ad fun for the target audience to see. If you incorporate fun to your ad, you will be in harmony with the spirit of Facebook users. As a result, your ad will get more clicks.

6. Ask a question in your ad

Question is another method to make your ad stands out from the crowd. With question, your ad will get noticed because it can easily create a sense of curiosity for the people that see it. Short and simple question is preferable for your Facebook ad. It will add some good clickthrough rate for your existing ad.

7. Split test your ad

Split testing is always an important part of PPC campaign. You have to split test your Facebook ads and see which ad gets the maximum response from the Facebook users. Keep split testing your ads and find better response for your ads. Keep tweaking your title, picture, and description for your ad to make sure it gives you maximum performance.

Make sure to follow those tips in order to make your Facebook ads more attractive for your demographic target.






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