5 Ways to Build Internet Business with Article Marketing

This guide is written for those newbie article marketers who are just starting out their article marketing campaign. I know how tempting article marketing is for you. You might already realize about the potential of article marketing in bringing you more targeted traffic to your website. That’s why this guide is very important for you. It will tell you about how you can profit with article marketing easily. Here are some beginner’s tips to profit from article marketing:

1. Niche website

Niche website can be very profitable for you. It will give you an opportunity to market a specific product for specific niche. You can profit from article marketing with niche site. First, you need to set up your niche website. This should be a simple website that offer specific information for a very narrow niche with a link to one specific product that you want to promote. Then, you can direct your traffic from article marketing to this niche site.

2. Adsense website

Earning some money with Adsense is a fun and easy way to profit from the internet. Article marketing is good to direct more visitors to your Adsense website. Once they’ve found your article and click the link to your Adsense website, you can expect some percentage of them to click on the advertisements displayed on your website. Although the earning might be small, if you have a good niche with high average CPC, you’ll easily earn decent money through Adsense.

3. URL forwarding to affiliate sales page

If you are too lazy to build a decent website to promote your affiliate product, then you can just buy one cheap domain name and forward that domain name directly to your affiliate link. When the visitors access your domain, they will be instantly redirected to your affiliate sales page and you can get some affiliate sales from them. To direct your visitors, article marketing will be a great way because it can help you to attract laser targeted traffic to your affiliate sales page.

4. Free blogs

You can also use article marketing to attract some free traffic to your free blogs such as Blogger blogs. In this way, if you’ve set up a good blog, you will receive more new visitors to your blog. It will result in more exposure and more revenue for you. You can put up some advertisements in your blog to make some profit from your effort. Another good way is to use Squidoo and Hubpages to add more profits to your pocket.

5. Promote your own product or service

If you are providing your own product or service on the internet, then article marketing method can bring you good customers and clients for your business. You don’t need to worry about the advertising cost because article marketing is a completely free advertising method on the internet. By directing your visitors to your product or service page, you will attract more customers and clients to your business.

Those are some easy tips about how you can profit from article marketing. If writing is what you like and you don’t want to spend expensive advertising cost when you first starting your internet business, then you can consider article marketing to be your reliable traffic building and advertising tool.






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